"The sycamore, also, was sacred.  Peasants gather around them in rituals.  In the Land of the Dead there was a sycamore in whose branches the goddess Hathor lived; she leaned out of it giving sustenance and water to deceased souls.  In Memphis, Hathor’s epithet was Lady of the Sycamore."
  Larry Gates,
 Egyptian Nature Mysticism

                                        Acer miyabei ‘Morton’

                                          best climbing tree


The Swank Show-Off & His (hopeful for a handout) Starveling Mates

Postcard of the early 1900s

The total eclipse early this a.m. of the blood moon.  Top photo taken at 3am Central time.  Middle photo was around 3:30am.

Spica is to the right lower side of the moon & Mars is the little red blob off to the far right (Mars not visible in top photo).  Bottom photo is 4:30am & things are back to normal.

Spica is the largest star in the constellation Virgo the Maiden — a binary star that’s the 15th largest star in the night sky.  Some astronomers think there’s now evidence that it could be a quintuple star.  Spica marks the Ear of Wheat in the Virgin’s hand.

The two stars are 11 million miles apart and 262 light years from Earth.  The larger of the two is a blue giant.  Their surface temperatures are some 40,000F and 33,000F, while our sun is a mere 10,000F.

(These are the times that I wish I had more expensive camera equipment than the 20X on my Canon, which is more than adequate for most everything I take photos of, but not the moon or the planets. :)  )


Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Wussy at the grist mill yesterday afternoon, grossly irritated that they weren’t yet open for the season, so there was no refuge for him at the mill.

We had begun a nice hike.  A little more than a quarter mile in, the rain began.  Wussy turned tail immediately, heading back to the mill, dragging the flex-lead behind him the entire way, muttering “I don’t suffer raindrops……I don’t suffer raindrops!”

And unfortunately, the doors were closed & locked.  (Until April 15th.)  So he was forced to sit & wait for me to catch up with him.

Am assuming Wussy won’t want to hike around the mill again on a cloudy day until April 15th. 

townhouses for rent……………

……….for the young professional sparrow couple who likes to socialize

Lawndale neighborhood                Chicago IL

No shopping carts

No city garbage cans

No sewer lids

No tree grates

No stolen property

Can’t read the last one anymore but basically, the rule is………….

If you didn’t own the scrap metal before you walked in the door, don’t try to sell it to us after you walk in the door, ‘k?

(The ‘No Stolen Property’ kinda says it all.   The rest is just icing on the cake.  Am assuming there’s cake in Lawndale since Marie Antoinette said “Let ‘em eat cake” and all.  So obviously the bottom 1% has cake if nothing else, right?)

It’s that time of year again.  The buses are ready for a vacation away from the bratty kids.  Maybe the Bahamas.  Maybe Hawaii.  Since pigs can’t fly & buses can’t swim, maybe Mexico…………….

(This has to be one of the cleanest companies in the village.  Didn’t see a single piece of litter on the grounds.  Buses nice & clean.  Duckies in a perfect row.)

Scenery along the Great Western Trail…………….